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09/29/09 02:20 PM
Keeping elephant ears inside in the winter?

I have a nice elephant ears plant outside that I've grown from the bulb. It's starting to show signs of strain and I'm pretty sure it's because of the temps.

Everything I can find says to pull the bulb for the winter and replant. The only reference I can find says when temps average 45 degrees, dig up the bulb.

What I'm trying to figure out is if I can keep this plant inside over the winter (it's in a pot). I can't find anything that says what temps they prefer. I know it's not 45 degrees outside yet, but my plant is definitely struggling.

Anyone have any luck keeping these plants in pots, inside, over the winter?

(FUG Professional)
09/30/09 08:52 AM
Re: Keeping elephant ears inside in the winter?

All bulbs need some period of rest. Even if you bring it inside, it will need to go through a dormancy period of several weeks. You will need to gradually cut back on water until the foliage dies away. Once the foliage dies, cease watering and store in a cool place for several weeks. After a few weeks begin introducing water once again and you should start to get some new foliage.

(FUGmaster Flash)
09/30/09 05:42 PM
Re: Keeping elephant ears inside in the winter?

good info! Thanks!

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