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12/05/08 06:11 PM
Calling any/all vegans & wannabes

Some quick questions about tofu.

I recently purchased (& subsequently froze) some FIRM tofu. I want to use it this weekend. NOW for the questions ........

I've read that you can either let it thaw in the fridge or microwave it. Recommendations .... fridge thaw or microwaving ?? I'm leaning towards letting it thaw in the fridge (taking it out TONIGHT) overnight.

Next, after it thaws best way to rid it of its moisture ? Let it drain in a colander ? Wrap it in toweling & weight it ? Any other suggestions ?

Next once it's drained any recommendations for marinades ? I know from previous experience that tofu alone has LITTLE taste. I'm going to slice it & put it on our Foreman Grill (prolly bout 1.5" thick slices) & hope it does as good as I've read.

Anyhoo, those are my questions -- please answer away !! THANKS !

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