Big AlAdministrator
(FUG Addict)
08/23/05 05:28 PM
The Rules

There has been a little confusion recently about what is allowed and what isn't in the FUG events forum. So here's the breakdown:

What's OK:
- Posting about FUG gatherings at bars, restaurants, coffee houses, or other places where people tend to gather.
- Posting about bands playing where FUGgers will gather.
- Posting about FUG gatherings at FUGgers' residences (such as picnics, BBQs, etc.)
- Posting info on FUG outings (daytrips, hikes, sailboat races, etc.)
- Posting info about non-profit events (food drive, etc) where FUGgers will be.

What's NOT ok:
- Yard Sale posts are strictly forbidden*. That's what the classifieds are for.
- Any type of commercial solicitation or advertisement is not allowed.
- Any type of sales or for-profit meeting (AmWay, Primerica, so-called "business opportunity" seminars, etc.)
- Any type of meeting or gathering where the principal purpose is to sell stuff. Including, but not limited to: Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Candle parties, Sex-toy parties, Mary Kay, Avon, etc.
- * there is one possible exception to the "no yard sale" rule: Posts about yard sales which benefit non-profit organizations (churches, 4-H, Scouts, etc) will be allowed in the charities forum, but not in the FUG events forum.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion. As always, I am available via PM to answer any questions. Also, feel free to post responses here.

- Alex

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