(FUG Addict)
07/27/02 12:09 AM
Re: Profiler rejects thrill kill theory.

I read the book you are refering to, just my opinion, I'd bet the pictures and id's along with the bullets were trophies.

I am currently reading a book written by John Douglas, "MIND HUNTER". Douglas's most accomplished work was probably being able to identify the "signature" of a criminal. Criminals and especially serial killers leave his/her own signature at the crime. A signature is much different than the MO of a crime. A criminal may be able to change the MO of their crimes, they can not change their signature.

Those of you who remember the murder of Betty Jane Shade, may want to purchase the book, "MIND HUNTER". Betty Jane Shade disapeared on May 29, 1979, "Logan Township, PA", the mutilated yet well perserved body was discovered in an illegal dumping site four days later, on Wopsonock Mountian.

John Douglas played an intricate part in solving the Betty Jane Shade murder.

He also writes about a set of thrill seeking serial killers.

Robert Ressler, who coined the term "serial killer", also has written numerous informative books. Good luck trying to find any of these books on our local Book Store shelves.

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