(Mystical FUG Sage)
06/13/11 12:32 PM
Re: Speaking of Jelly fish.

When I was a kid we would wade for soft crabs in the sea grass and of course there were loads of nettles. We wore long pants and an old pair of sneakers and never got stung.

On the subject of comeheres....in the Promise Land and local area....they can be wonderful! All of the people on my crew that I volunteer with at the local hospital are comeheres....I am the only bornhere. Yes, they have run up the price of waterfront property but they have given much to our community also. They volunteer at the local library, at the volunteer fire department, rescue squad and auxillaries. Most of them are well educated retirees and have money and they part with to make our community better. Put forth an effort to get to know them. Some of them have fascinating backgrounds and life experiences.

I don't care where you are from when it comes to pets or anything else people should be considerate of their neighbors. I have 3 dogs and a big fenced in yard for them. If they bark excessively I make them come inside. I don't want them running off and getting hit by a car or getting torn up by some other animal. I don't want them being a nuisance to my neighbors. My closest neighbor has 3 dogs also and an invisible fence. No matter where you were born try being considerate of others. I consider my next door neighbors as dear friends and I want it to stay that way.

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