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02/10/11 05:52 AM
Re: Bye Bye for now Walmart...



I hope walmart holds on to the tract of land and develops it into a mini central park. Just to stick to the friends of the wilderness.

Another person who hasn't educated themself on the issue. Take a moment to look and see what Wal-Mart has said will happen to their property.

A corporation can _say_ a lot of things, but odds are, this particular area is on the absolute bottom of their priority list for building new stores now. What would you do, if you'd spent a whole pile of money buying land that was zoned commercial and planning to build something, and a few people get their noses out of joint because there's a historical attraction in the vicinity that wouldn't even be visible from the store, nor vice versa? This whole thing has been a travesty.

And what guarantee does WM have that, if they buy some other piece of land in the area, that there won't be a whole new set of people that are all upset about some other trivialaity? Hell, there's been Civil War troops all over everywhere in Virginia. Somebody going to find a civil war belt buckle on the excavation site, and then there'd be a big fight over that, or some other nonsense?

No, if WM marks that area as business toxic, and builds their very last store in the nation there, that wouldn't surprise me a bit.

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