(FUG Senior)
01/19/08 12:58 PM
Re: New KG Economic Developer

It's certainly true that some aspects following the creation of the industrial park could have been better handled. For instance, several lots were sold without enough regard toward the end user and were bought by flippers, whose lots were then repurchased by the county when they could not fulfill their original purposes.

It is also true however that there are thriving businesses out there today that would not have otherwise moved to KG without the park, with the Americasteel plant a nice example. Maybe you should visit there.

The "local guy" versus "outsider" argument about development is wasted breath however. In a county of only 22,000 people, there isn't simply enough of a critical mass of folks with the wherewithal to start enough businesses to make a meaningful difference in balancing out the local economy. Real expansion and diversification of the commercial tax base can only happen when outside business decided to locate here.

Having a single person dedicated solely to the job of seeking out commercial and light industrial businesses to a locality is an increasingly common approach not only in Virginia, but across the nation. The competitive nature of the real world has basically forced that approach upon localities who want to be serious about attracting new businesses.

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