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Can't you just tell me my password? No. For security reasons, we do not have access to users' passwords. This form will create a temporary password and e-mail it to you.

I never got your e-mail with my new password. Chances are, your spam filter stopped it before it got to you. Check your junk mail folders and trashcan. If your e-mail has any type of "approved senders" list, you must add to this list. Attention Earthlink customers: This system does not reply to spam-control auto-replies or approval-request forms. You must add to your approved senders list.

My temporary password doesn't work. Passwords are case-sensitive (9Gwq3X is not the same as 9gwq3x). Make sure you type the password exactly as it appears in the e-mail. The temporary password expires in 24 hours.

My e-mail address has changed, I can't access the e-mail account I used to register. Send us an e-mail. Include as much information as you can about your account. If we can verify that it's you, we'll update your account and send a new password.

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